Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peeled Apples...

Now don't get me wrong. I love when grandma and grandpa visit. I get time to sleep, grocery shop, list items in my etsy shop, and much more! However, on this visit grandma introduced the twins to "peeled" apples. Before this they never knew such a thing existed. Now...its all they want.
Many moms will understand this immediately. For those of you who wonder, "What is the big deal?" Let me tell you.
Aside from the fact that the peel holds a great deal of the nutrients, the real reason this is so troublesome is that it creates an extra step in an already hectic day. Two toddlers can ask for things an average of 400 times a minute. To add one more request to their list just may send me over the edge.
Today my 3 year old girl asked for her apple peeled. I told her no. She whined. I said No, only grandma does that. She whined louder. I said no for a third time and asked if she wanted the apple or not. She replied, Yes, give me that gross apple if that's how its gonna be, M-O-M. I think she even gave me an eye roll. (I had a flash of what she will be like at 14)
That leads me to the topper of this entire story. I had her in the grocery store with me today. While in the produce section a nice older woman asked her about the fruit we were chosing. My little girl looked at the woman and told her in a very matter-of-fact way..."My mom only feeds us fruit the gross way, she's not nice like grandma."
I'm still speechless...

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  1. Oh boy! Now I see why you named your blog 'crankytwinmom' haha! Fun blog and fun post! :)