Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "Haircut" my 3 yr old twins cut their hair today. This is devastating. First of all let me begin by telling you that my little girl BARELY has any hair. It is thin, wispy, and grows in spurts all over her head. It was finally beginning to take shape when....yes...they cut it. She now has a mullet. "Business in the front, party in the back" MULLET! I mean a true, Billy Ray Cyrus....Bangs SUPER short. Sides SUPER short. Back long...mullet :(

So what do you do? It has taken over 3 years to get her this far. Do I cut it all we deal with a mullet? I have decided to sleep on this one....

My son came out a bit better. He has a 3 inch bald spot on the top left of his head...but he of course has tons of hair that grows at the speed of light. His will work itself out in no time.

Now ladies and gents...let me get to the real reason I am writing this. My hubby. (Do you all know what's coming next?) He walks in from work, looks at the mullet, looks and me and say's "What Happened?" I reply..."They cut their hair" (half choked up from sadness and disbelief still). His next question is (YES?!) "What were you doing?" .......

After a brief pause (I had a quick fantasy about strangling him to death) I replied..

"Oh, yes dear...where shall I begin? Well first I....."

*Slept til noon
*quietly ate a lovely breakfast while reading
*took a leisurly shower
*got dressed in my best outfit
*went shopping for myslf
*got a mani/pedi
*ate bon bons and sipped a latte
*took a nap
*and patiently waited for my darling hubby to come home

All the while I am standing there with bags under my eyes, food crusted to my shirt, dirty hair twisted into a sloppy ponytail, and sweatpants that just may get up and walk out the door on their own....

I think he got my point....

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