Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Color!

In my constant search for high quality cabochon roses I just came across these lovelies. Vintage blue, crisp, clear, and amazing! I just love these.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flower Shop...

My twins wanted to make their own flower shop. "Great!" I say. Go in the backyard and play. In my mind I am thinking about the time this will give me to get a few household chores done. As I am doing laundry and dishes I look out the window at the little darlings...

There they are with their sand shovels and rakes...gardening away. Having a great time. So sweet. Next time I look out the window I see this...

Upon closer inspection I see this...

And this....

My first thought is: "Goodness look at that! Looks just like a little flower shop"

My second thought is: "Wait...where are all these flowers and buds coming from....and just how many are there?" I begin to look around and see many more buckets filled with flowers and buds all over the patio.

Then I look over at the plants....

And realize that every the entire yard...

is bald....

That's right. Not a flower in sight. Not a bud. Nothing.

Well, except for the table and buckets. They were full of them ;/

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage German Lucite

This color brings a tear to my eye! I love it. Vintage german lucite filigree earrings in olive green. I only have one pair and I just listed them in my shop. I am having a HARD time not keeping these for myself!


So I just managed to get my hands on PrettyParis.Com!! So excited. I have just set up a simple page so far. Considering I am really inexperienced at websites it may take me a l-o-n-g time to get it how I want. But...super exciting for me none the less ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So this story may sound familiar. I know I have talked about this subject before...but I am still dumbfounded everytime this happens.

In Target (like usual..hey, it was hot outside!) and a woman in her 40's walks up to us and looks at my twins.
Woman: "Wow" she says, "They sure do look alike. Almost like Twins."
Me: "Yes, they are twins."
Woman: (looks at my daughter) "Oh twins! I love twins! How cute...How old are you?"
(daughter says she is 4)
Woman: (looks at my son) "And how old are you?"
(son says he is 4)
woman: "Oh, you are both 4" (mild confusion on her face...looks at me) "Are they both 4?"
me: "uhh, yes"
woman: "oh, how neat" (walks away)

I never understand this.

This happens a lot. A lot more than you would think. I am perplexed?!

On a good note we managed not to destroy the Target store this time. Most of the popcorn stayed in the bag, the shopping cart was not leaving a steady stream of juice behind us, and the yelling and "I Wants" was at a minimum. Whew!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Giveaway *WINNER* Wooo Hooo

We have a winner! Randomly selected out of 37 entries is:

Jill from

Congratulations Jill. Hope you enjoy the earrings!

Thank you to all who entered. I will be doing another giveaway next month!!

Giveaway ENDS tonight!

My giveaway ends tonight. Don't forget to leave your comment so you can have a chance to win a pair of earrings!

Friday, April 17, 2009

SPECIAL OFFER for Blog Readers!!

I have a special offer for all my blog readers until the end of April. Free shipping (that's right...FREE!) on anything in my etsy shop. Just mention "Cranky Twin Mom" in the notes to seller section. I will refund the shipping costs through paypal.

This offer ends at midnight April 30th! Don't miss it....

Thanks to all.....

Thanks to all who have entered my giveaway so far!! Couple days left....make sure to leave your comment so you have a chance at winning! I will randomly select the winner and announce it on Monday morning so be sure to check the blog.

I have also been featured on a treasury! It ends tonight so view it quick if you get a chance ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

PrettyParis GIVEAWAY....!!!!

Yes, it's time! Time for a giveaway from PrettyParis!! You will receive one pair of the lovely earrings shown above. To enter simply leave a comment on this post. Be sure to leave some way for me to contact you (email, etsy shop name). I will chose winner at random. Contest ends Sunday, April 19th at midnight! Winner will be announced Monday morning ;)
Also, please visit my shop:
Let me know what your favorite item is along with your comments! Good luck everyone!!

Lovely Lamp Shades...SassyShades

While browsing esty the other day I come across the loveliest little avatar and I just had to click it. Someone with an avatar that cute had to have great stuff in their shop. Holy moly was I right!

After taking a moment to admire an even lovelier banner I scrolled down to see just about the cutest lamp shades I have ever laid my eyes on! The patterns, the fabrics, the detailing, WOW!

They are a combo of Anthropologie meets vintage flea market. I am in love.

Since I had no idea who this etsy seller was I convo'd her to ask permission to write a post about her shop and post some pictures. She graciously accepted so here they are...enjoy!

Please visit her shop at:

Featured on Blog!

I have been featured on a blog ;) Always very exciting! Sometimes...I question myself and my crafting. Is it silly? Does anyone else like it? I have it up for the world to I embarrasing myself? Ahhh the insecurities.

But then along comes a fellow etsyian to boost your confidence. They want to feature you on their blog. The flood of good feelings comes rushing in. Thank you one little will be a good day!

If you would like to see the post and/or make a comment visit:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Give Mom a Mum.....

Just in time for Mother's Day. Give mom a mum. She loves you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to You...

My twins are 4 years old today!! Happy Birthday P & G

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grandma's House

So the twins are at Grandmas house for 4 days. They are on "spring break" at pre-school. (Ridiculous I know...spring break at 3 years old. Next year it will be Cancun...ha) Anyhow...yes, 4 days of freedom. What have I been doing with all my free time you may ask? Nothing...but that is a story for another day.

So 2 days have passed. I called today to talk to my little darlings and see how it is going. My son jumps on the phone and starts talking about all the wonderful things he is doing with grandma. He has visited the neighbor, fed the cat, walked to the park, gone to Wal-Mart 4 times...all very exciting when you are 3. I congratulate him on his fantastic adventures and ask to talk to his sister. It goes something like this: (Mind you she is 3 years old)

Grandma: Come to the phone, It's momma.
My kid: No, thank you.
Grandma: (laughing) It's your momma, talk to her.
My kid: Silence
Grandma: Here, take the phone.
My kid: I don't NEED the phone Grrrraaaanndmaaaa. (walks away)
Grandma: (When she finally stops laughing) Guess she doesn't want to talk to you.
Me: Well, at least she said "No, Thank you"

So on the one hand I am thrilled she is so happy at Grandma's house. It is a little vacation for her. A chance to see some new things and new places. On the other hand she could at least take 5 minutes out of her busy day to talk to her own mother!! Ohh..I had a good laugh over that one.

Ahhh Swimsuit Season...

Yay...swimsuit season is approaching. On the good side that means warm weather, the beach, kiddie pools, and garden hoses. On the down side it means I need to buy a bathing suit. Since I am now a 35 year old mother of twins I just know something like this will be extra flattering...

Nothing helps hide your figure flaws like a good string bikini. And remember...the brighter the better!

I was at Target today and took a little peek at their selection of suits. Being that it is only April I figured I was early. Lucky for me anything moderately cute was only available in XS bottoms and XL tops. Wow, just my size?! (Yeah sure...ughh..) So that left me with several fantastic options in size medium. Here is an example of what I found.

This one I know my husband will find extra sexy!

As you can guess I sadly left empty handed. Next year I guess I better start my swimsuit shopping in January.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I know I am a huge dork, but....

Ok, yeah yeah yeah. I know I'm too old. I know this is embarrasing. I know I should be ashamed of myself. But that said...I have a huge crush on Edward Cullen. *Sigh* I have confessed...I feel better now. At least I have my 14 year old neighbor to gush over him with. (*red face*)

Anyone else want to share their inappropriate crush so I can feel better about myself?

New vintage cabochon flowers!

I just received my shipment of the MOST gorgeous vintage cabochon flowers I have ever laid my eyes on. I'm getting them listed this weekend. They are lovely!