Monday, April 13, 2009

Lovely Lamp Shades...SassyShades

While browsing esty the other day I come across the loveliest little avatar and I just had to click it. Someone with an avatar that cute had to have great stuff in their shop. Holy moly was I right!

After taking a moment to admire an even lovelier banner I scrolled down to see just about the cutest lamp shades I have ever laid my eyes on! The patterns, the fabrics, the detailing, WOW!

They are a combo of Anthropologie meets vintage flea market. I am in love.

Since I had no idea who this etsy seller was I convo'd her to ask permission to write a post about her shop and post some pictures. She graciously accepted so here they are...enjoy!

Please visit her shop at:


  1. Yes, you're right, just adorable! Will be looking at their shop for sure!

  2. Oh, by the way, if you type http:// in front of the web site, it will make it clickable!

  3. I tried getting the link to be clickable but can't figure it out. When I type the code the whole thing disappears? Anyone know what I doing wrong?