Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So this story may sound familiar. I know I have talked about this subject before...but I am still dumbfounded everytime this happens.

In Target (like usual..hey, it was hot outside!) and a woman in her 40's walks up to us and looks at my twins.
Woman: "Wow" she says, "They sure do look alike. Almost like Twins."
Me: "Yes, they are twins."
Woman: (looks at my daughter) "Oh twins! I love twins! How cute...How old are you?"
(daughter says she is 4)
Woman: (looks at my son) "And how old are you?"
(son says he is 4)
woman: "Oh, you are both 4" (mild confusion on her face...looks at me) "Are they both 4?"
me: "uhh, yes"
woman: "oh, how neat" (walks away)

I never understand this.

This happens a lot. A lot more than you would think. I am perplexed?!

On a good note we managed not to destroy the Target store this time. Most of the popcorn stayed in the bag, the shopping cart was not leaving a steady stream of juice behind us, and the yelling and "I Wants" was at a minimum. Whew!


  1. haha!! people ask the dumbest questions about twins on a regular basis. the most annoying though of all "are they identical twins". people i have boy/girl twins they will never ever be identical!!

  2. you gotta love people who do not think. They just walk around like robots that are programmed with certain phrases and facial expressions but no actual logic or knowledge. I won't laugh b/c i would say at this point, it is annoying instead of funny.

  3. People are dumb sometimes!!! I am a mum of twins (identical girls) and often get daft comments from complete strangers, but what I've found incredibly annoying when out and about with them is that the general public treat my girls like a freak show to be stared at, or that they have a right to stand there in my way to have a good ogle, and stop me from getting on with whatever I'm doing, gggrrrrr! The only freaky thing about them is how identical they are, and of course how gorgeous (I know, I'm biased)! Anyway rant over - just had to join another twins mum when I saw your post about strangers' comments - you gotta laugh I guess!!!

  4. It always cracks me up how interested the general public is about twins. I usually have to blame the silly questions on lack of knowledge, but they are nonetheless annoying.
    I just think you were brave for taking them to Target...lol!
    My twin boys are 2 1/2 :-)

  5. Are people really that slow? Wow...
    I should put you in touch with an old friend of mine--she has TWO sets of twins! She said she'd rarely leave the house with all four because she NEVER got anything done. People would just randomly stop to ask question upon question!!

  6. Joan! Oh my goodness...two sets of twins. That poor woman. That would send me over the edge..ha! And yes, the questions from people would be endless. Wow!