Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ahhh Swimsuit Season...

Yay...swimsuit season is approaching. On the good side that means warm weather, the beach, kiddie pools, and garden hoses. On the down side it means I need to buy a bathing suit. Since I am now a 35 year old mother of twins I just know something like this will be extra flattering...

Nothing helps hide your figure flaws like a good string bikini. And remember...the brighter the better!

I was at Target today and took a little peek at their selection of suits. Being that it is only April I figured I was early. Lucky for me anything moderately cute was only available in XS bottoms and XL tops. Wow, just my size?! (Yeah sure...ughh..) So that left me with several fantastic options in size medium. Here is an example of what I found.

This one I know my husband will find extra sexy!

As you can guess I sadly left empty handed. Next year I guess I better start my swimsuit shopping in January.


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