Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Cougar" old do we have to be now to be in the "cougar" classification? I saw a preview on t.v. just the other night about a show guessed it..."cougars" and 20 something men. Now mind you these women were gorgeous and looked to be about 30-35 MAX. This whole cougar thing perplexes me...

I saw Drew Barrymore on a talk show the other day and she said women in their late 40's were cougars and that the 30 something crowd are now pumas. What what?? Is it just me or is this whole cougar thing out of hand?

I began thinking about this topic because a neighbor of mine (male, 40) was giving me a hard time about seeing the Twilight movie(See post below). He said...and I quote "Only two types of people see Twilight. Teens and cougars. I will let you figure out which one you are". After a gasp of shock I looked at him and squeeled..."Are you calling me a cougar?" Him: Raises eyebrows, silence. Me: Really?! A COUGAR? Him: Snickers, silence. Me: No Really...tell me...I'm too young. I'm only 35. Him: starting to laugh. Me: Staring...(plotting his slow painful death in my mind) ........and that was that. The first time I was ever called a cougar.

So what do you think about this whole cougar thing? Offended by it? Proud of it? Should it have clear age specifications?

While I am waiting for comments I will go slather on some more anti-aging face creams...just in case.

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