Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dressing room lights...

Here is the million dollar question. Why in the world do department stores put florescent lights on the ceiling in their dressing rooms? Do they NOT want to sell any clothing?

I go in feeling confident....

I come out feeling...well...something like this.

Combined with this.

I needed a dress to wear to a fancy little function we were going to. Considering I go to one a year I wanted to look nice. This was my big chance to shed the "mommy-look" for a day. I confidently walked into Macy's. Ready to find my dream dress.

Half and hour later my arms are full and I stride, smiling, into the dressing room. My first thought is, " is bright in here". I quickly shrug off the thought and begin to undress. This is when horror strikes. There I am. Standing in my underwear. Blotchy, dimply, pale, and disgusting. Suddenly the dresses don't seen so appealing. The harsh lighting is accenting every flaw I have..or maybe even don't have?! Even my eyes look bloodshot. Oy...I almost ran out of the room. 15 minutes later I left the dressing room empty handed. Swearing I would never set foot in that torture chamber disguised as dressing room again!

I wonder....why in the world do stores not invest in proper lighting for their rooms? A little soft white light...dim and lovely. For so many obvious reasons I need not even post them here.

I just may sue Macy's for the therapy I now need to get over the trauma...hee hee


  1. aw--- yeah i hate that too. actually i just hate shopping.

  2. I hate it too.Nothing ever fits besides shoes,purses and jewelry:)

  3. Exactly why I don't try things on very much :( I think I'd buy a lot more clothes if I didn't feel so horrible in the changing rooms.