Monday, January 25, 2010

Traveling with the twins...

Long car rides with the twins can be really fun. Not quite as fun as the root canal I had a few years back,but almost.

In an effort to pass the time we started playing word and counting games with them. This inspired an immediate fierce competion between the two and ended in one crying "I don't know the answer and brother does!" and the other yelling "She's hurting my ears!"

After that really fun game we decided to quiz them a few simple things. After a few questions were anwered correctly we were on a roll. They proudly stated their address and state we live in once prompted. All feeling good about ourselves hubby asked one final question...

What country do we live in?

To which my 4yr old little guys ever so proudly exclaims...." The Mighty Snakes of Hysteria".

Hubby and I got a great laugh from that one. Reminding us just how fun this really can be.

Very close sweet boy, very close.

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