Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Shameful Secret

I have a shameful secret I am ready to share with the world. After all, the first step to recovery is admitting the problem. So here it goes....

I am a total slob when it comes to my car.

I have a serious case of "mom car-itis". This disease is brought on by small children with sticky hands, crumby clothing, and an insatiable appetite whenever we hit the road.

Why is it the minute we get going, barely out of the driveway, the "I'm Thirsty's & I'm Hungry's" hit. Does it come programmed in their little brains. Are they born with this natural ability?

I started out determined not to do this. My last car was horrifying. I promised my husband I would not do it again with this car. I even decided on black interior because I thought it would look cleaner. Now I realize black just shows every footprint, smudge, and dirt stain possible.

The drink cups are crusted. The seats are smudged. There is penicillin growing in at least 10 different areas. I currently have these items in the car right now:

2 bikes
2 bike helmets
shabby chic lampshade
bag of avacados
3 drink cups
fast food bag
2 sticky carseats
enough crumbs recreate 3 entire muffins
case chocolate milk
400 receipts
several pieces and/or smears of food items that are no longer identifiable
200 straw wrappers
4 hair ties
3 barrettes
2 sets earphones
14 videos
3 coloring books
I think I should stop here...its getting embarrasing

I decided to look up this phenomenon on the internet. I was feeling so alone with my shameful secret. By merely typing in "messy car" I was awash with stories of moms and their filthy cars. Moms winning carwashes, detailing services, and container store gift cards from messy car contests. One mom even winning a brand new car for her mess on wheels.

This opened up a whole new world for me. Gave me a new outlook in my "messy car" recovery. No longer am I ashamed. I am now determined. Determined to have the messiest car around so I too can win some of these fabulous prizes.

Sounds a lot better than cleaning it.

Enjoy the messy pictures I found on the internet below. It will make you feel better about yours. Trust me.


  1. And I thought my DH the builder had a messy car! I hope he never googles "messy car" or I'll never get him to clean it up!

  2. Wow...that is kinda messy! Then again...with two kids, it's hard to stay on top of the chaos. My car has gotten way funkier since the two kids. Last time I broke down and took it for a vacuum it was like "DAMN...what is all that junk under the seats???"