Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello, It's me again....

Hello All...

Gosh its been a l-o-n-g time. We moved a couple months ago. Saying it has been hectic is an understatement. Moving with twins...well...that is a whole other story.

Here are my top 10 pieces of advice if you are planning on moving:

1) Don't
2) Nothing can be fixed "easily" or "quickly"
3) "A little paint" does not fix anything at all
4) Carpet + untrained dogs of previous owners = DISASTER
5) Do NOT move right at the beginning of the holidays
6) Do NOT move until your children are old enough to move out of the house themselves
7) Spy on the neighbors before buying (I am convinced my neighbor is a serial
killer: more on that later)
8) No, you can't fix problems with the flooring by just "Putting a rug over it"
9) No, it is not easy to remove a yard full of half dead plants. Just because they
are dead does not mean they come out of the ground any easier!
10) No, you will not be able to "squeeze" that piece of furniture in the spot that is a good 10 inches too small. Even if you REALLY want to put it there.

Trust me...I have learned the hard way ;)

But I am back!


  1. lol~good luck-we just moved this summer-
    yours sounds worse than my: new studio was flooded upon arrival :0
    welcome back

  2. Oh man that sounds like one hell of a move *_*