Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey fellow etsy sellers...

Hi all....just wanted to share a site I came across that I think is pretty cool. Helps the "little guy" have a shopping cart (even on your own site ~ mine is at an affordable price. I am just setting up now. Have not linked to yet but will soon.

You can see their website here: BigCartel

Visit my big cartel site here for an example.

It is very easy so far...finger crossed!


  1. Your banner and photos are gorgeous.Thanks for sharing...
    Let us know how it goes :)

  2. This is a great post Dmitry. I just had one of the ‘Doh!’ moments and ran back to correct my own site before publishing my comment. You see my own comment form did not match what I’m about to advise. I get less comments than you, so never noticed any problem. I’ve changed it now anyway so here goes.

    part time worker

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this! I just went and signed up :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, I will try it.
    I posted about places where we can show handmade staff for free listing.