Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey Moms....This is amazing!

I came across the cutest website named Shidonni. I just had to share with all of you. Such a simple idea...but brilliant! With the help of parents kids create an account at their website. The child then has instant access to an online whiteboard, and she is encouraged to draw on this whiteboard the animal of her dreams. When done, kids can draw a landscape for their animal, food for him to eat, and give him a name -- and create friends to play with. Shidonni animates this all, and your offspring can then watch the beast hop around on the screen while he eats his lunch.

That's no big deal you say? comes the kicker! For a fee they will then create a plush toy in the exact image of your childs drawing. And yes, they really do look just like the drawings!

Click here to visit their site and see some examples.

A bit pricey at $80. You will want to be sure your child really puts an effort into that drawing! But perhaps for a special occasion this is one splurge that will be cherished forever.

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