Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why is it....

Why is it...the minute I get on the twins decide that they need to whine, cry, and have fits all at once?

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a phone person. I don't really like the phone at all. I use it for necessity only. Email me, text me, just don't call me. So its not like I chit chat all day and ignore my two darlings. Quite the contrary.

Today the phone rings. I barely say hello and my little girl has magically appeared right next to my leg. I swear not 2 seconds ago she was across the room. As I barely get out my second sentence to my caller she starts whining...

"I want a lolliop...moooooommmm"

(I try the wide-eyed stare and shake of the head)

"But moooommmmmyyyyy"

(I give her the quick shh and another stare)

"I waaaaannnnnttttt a lolliiiiii"

(start shaking my head like a lunatic, pointing at the phone)

"I wantttt oooonnnnneeee noooowwwww" now I have to stop my conversation, cover the earpiece, and tell her no again. Since this does not work at all I try a brisk walk to the other room. (she follows) Finally after 2 minutes of trying to outrun my 4 year old the caller realized I have not been listening to anything that they have said...and graciously lets me off the phone.

Now let me say...people always ask me. "Why didn't you call me back?" or "Why didn't you answer the phone?" Especially my dad. This irks they know how impossible it is to talk on the phone. My favorite answer is.."Gosh...I don't know why I didn't answer...considering I stand around the phone all day just waiting for it to ring...I just don't know how I could have possibly missed it." That usually shuts them up ;)

Is it just me...or do kids have a built in phone monitor that triggers a whining, crying response whenever they hear it ring?!


  1. aww, look at that face. Wait till they are both big enough and fighting over who answers the phone!

  2. Lord yes it's a universal child thing...a plot to make sure mothers never have contact with the outside world!

  3. Your post had me laughing out loud! I only have ONE of these creatures, and she is also bound and determined to keep my attention glued to her and her alone.

  4. Oh yes,the phone trick...I believe all kids do this.Mine get much louder as soon as the phone rings...Even 'fur' children:)
    My Mom's dog is instantly hanging around and needs her attention as soon as she gets on the phone!

  5. Oh yea. I babysit my twin brothers and they are just like that. Wait till they start talking on the phone, then YOU do the same to them, ha

  6. That sounds like my son. He'll ignore me all day except when I'm on the phone or taking a shower, he's right there bugging me.

  7. i love the pout picture, it really illustrates your story! haha

  8. I have two boys that are 20 months apart. They did the same thing!! When ever I was on the phone, in the bathroom, had to run down for a load of laundry - they would get into trouble. I thought it was a boy thing.

  9. Yeah...sounds like my house, only I'm tagged teamed by my 3 year old and her 1 year old brother. Baby brother has a screech that carries VERY nicely over the phone. I'm lucky I even have friends who want to call me anymore!

  10. They sense any possible weakness! If there is slightly more chance they'll get what they want then they go for the Achilles!

    It's lucky I'm not a parent because I would probably just give them candy to shut them up XD

  11. Sounds just like my world!