Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 Year Olds and GUM....A deadly combination

Ahhh...what a day. My 4 year olds have discovered gum (or "chewie" ...as they like to call it). They love it. They beg for it all day long. They are obsessed. Why in the world do children love gum so much??

In a moment of sheer insanity I gave in. I had a moment of false confidence when everything seemed to be going ok..and then it happened.

Culprit #2 comes in and states: Mom, I lost my gum. It fell out of my mouth and I don't know where it is. (BTW he then blamed it on his sister..how she made gum fall out of his mouth I will never know)

Ok, great. After 6000 questions of where, when, and how in a desperate bid to find chewie...it is still a missing fugitive. (See wanted poster..."chewie" is not going to get a way with this!) Chewie was last seen somewhere around our couch and/or carpeted area.

Not more than 1 minute later I get a big UHH OHH from culprit #1. "Momma, my gum is stuck in my dress."

I reluctantly look over and find gum literally stretched across the entire front of her dress. "Stuck" doesn't even begin to cover the destruction.

After 14 ice cubes, a frozen hand, and a still sticky dress I have given up.

Anyone else have some fun GUM stories?


  1. Hahaha very cute story. I can't think of any gum stories off the top of my head... but I will never forget the time my littlest sister got color change silly putty stuck ALL over her new Easter dress. Mom was not happy about that one... Haha

    Katie Eats Cake

  2. Great story , I guess we've all been there :)

  3. OMG...so glad I haven't had that pleasure yet...though I have to say...I've had to stop my 3 year old from eating gum that she's found stuck under picnic tables more than one. EW!

  4. That's great! I don't...not yet anyway...I'm sure it's just a matter of time. :)

  5. I had to ban gum in my car after my youngest got it all over the back seat of my brand new 2 week old car!

  6. I never hated gum until I became a parent. It is evil!